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  1. List of Hackable And Non Hackable S60v3 Mobile Phones Phones
  2. Hack S60v3 SymbanOS 9.x Step By Step Tutorial (For Old Firmware)
  3. How To Hack Fw 31.0.015 Works On N95 And N95 8GB
  4. New Hack Method For Unhackable Firmware
  5. Hacking New S60v3 Firmwares (Easy Tutorial)
  6. HelloOX v2.03 - One Step Hacking For All S60v3 S60v5 Phone
  7. How To Get Developer Certificate with cer.s603rd.cn For Symbian ( no need to register )
  8. How To Install Cracked Ngage Games
  9. Trick To Increase S60v3 Free Memory 5MB (Hacked Phones Only)
  10. Patch : Installserver
  11. RomPatcher - Specially For N96
  12. All IMAP/POP3 Mail Setting For S60
  13. Some Symbian S60v3 FP2 Patch
  14. How To Get A OPDA Developer Certificate For Symbian Operating System
  15. Disable CAMERA Sound For Unhack Phone S60v3 S60v5
  16. Clear realone history for hacked phones
  17. Symbian S60v3 S60v5 Common Irritating Errors And Their Meanings
  18. Symbian Speeding Updating The Gallery
  19. Symbian Tutorial For Change The Closing Of Animation With Rompatcher
  20. Symbian Improvements For Photos On Symbian 9.3 And 9.4
  21. Symbian c2z Maker - Make Your Own c2z Patch On Your Device By Yourself
  22. Xp Startup Sound For S60v3 - Only For Hacked Phones
  23. Symbian Summary Dimmer On N82, For Hack Phone Only
  24. Symbian Link To Patch Calendar Plugin In Standby A Handy Calendar E Papyrus, Patch ROM Patche
  25. Symbian Possible Solution Studio "loss" Organization And Photos Capture Preview Photos
  26. Symbian Change The Menu In Standby Permanently
  27. S603rdSigner 2.0
  28. Symbian N95 Reboot From The Pulldown Menu
  29. MOD TO Make UIQ Games Work On 5800XM
  30. Changed S60v3/5 Boot Splash + Animation Picture
  31. Rompatcher Patches : Reboot your S60v3/v5 By holding down the Power Botton
  32. Patch : Disable Charger Connecting Notes By Wadowice
  33. [Utility] ROFS/ROM Viewer
  34. S60v3 S60v5 Free Developer Certificate Generator
  35. Hack 5800XM fw 21.0.025
  36. Lock2restart - lock To Restart
  37. Touch Style Icon Modified X-plore v1.30 & v1.31
  38. Rompatcher With Autorun Option
  39. Nokia 5800 V21 installserver.rmp Patch
  40. Change MenuCircle S60v3 S60v5
  41. Free Up Ur S60v3 C Drive Memory
  42. Touch Style Menu Look For S60v3 FP1/FP2
  43. Python : Menu Editor 3.05 S60v3
  44. MenuEditor v1.0
  45. FTD - FieldTest (NetMonitor) For All S60v3
  46. Speed Up Gallery And Music Player S60v3
  47. N-Series Music Player Mod
  48. How To Change S60v3 Active Standby Shows
  49. Disable Red Camera Light - Rompatcher S60v3 S60v5
  50. Change Menu's Name
  51. Patch : C2z4bin
  52. Patch : Any Application On Gallery Key S60v3
  53. Patch : Installserver Nokia fp2,N96,5320,N79,5800,N78,622Oc,INNOV8,i8510 By Wadowice
  54. Increase N82 Screen Brightness Only For Hacked Phone
  55. Add Extra Text Or Letters To .r01 Menu Rename
  56. Change You Start-Up Sound S60v3 For Hacked Phones
  57. N85 Hack : Remove "Search : Internet And My Content"
  58. S60v3 FP2 S60v5 Camera Mod Improvment
  59. Patch : Clean Active Standby Screen S60v3 FP1/ FP2
  60. Patch : Installserver S60v3 FP2 By Segalgx
  61. 5800XM Browser - Stay Full Screen While Browsing And Going Back
  62. Download Anything From The Default Browser S60v3
  63. New Standby Iphone Interface With Simple Tricks
  64. Guide : Take Amazing Close-Up Videos With N95 & Others
  65. StartUpChanger 1.00 - Change Ur S60v3 Sturtup
  66. Lock Your Secret Folders S60v3 Phone
  67. Font Changer 1.0.2 - Change Ur S60v3 Font
  68. SmartInstaller 1.1 ENG S60v3
  69. Remove Camera Sounds S60v3 Hacked Mobiles
  70. Menu Hidden v1.0 S60v3 Modded UnSigned
  71. Change Any Application Icon S60v3 Only For Hacked Phones
  72. Symbian OS S60v3 FP1/FP2 9.1/9.2 Folder System - Explained
  73. Menu Editor Mod v1.1.2 S60v3
  74. Active Standby Mod v1.00 S60v3
  75. Memory Full In AppManager S60v3 HACKED Phone
  76. Nokia Field Test Hacked Phones Only
  77. Visual Changing Or Removе EMEI [Only On Hacked Phones]
  78. Instalserver.exe Hack On/Off v3.0.1 By fireball33
  79. Easy Hacking : QuickHackit v3.0 For S60v3 FP1, FP2
  80. Recover Master Lock Code
  81. Patch : Call Log For 12 Months By Wadowice
  82. Patch : Remove Beep While Recording S60v3 S60v5
  83. Rompatcher Patches Index - Only For N96 (May Be Work On All OS 9.3)
  84. Patch: C2Z4bin v.6 By Wadowice [2009-5-16]
  85. c2z4bin: Disable Camera Capture Sound - N96 (v20.050)
  86. [C2Z4BIN] StartupX (Change Splashscreen, Startup With Sound)
  87. C2Z4BIN In SIS
  88. Patch : ShortMultiTap BY wadowice
  89. Force Landscape Mode On N82
  90. Windows 7 Startup And Shutdown With Sounds
  91. Crack Symbian OS Application Reverse Cracking Tutorial Symbian Guide
  92. Fake ImageViewer Error By Billoo
  93. Patch : Logs Disable By Billoo
  94. Patch: Notepad lock
  95. Patch : ChangeKeyTune By Wadowice & Basil
  96. Patch : Sim Directory Disable By Billoo
  97. Patch : Browser Disable By Billoo
  98. Patch : Screensaver Disable By Billoo
  99. [5800] In Standby Landscape
  100. Effects 3D S60v5 S60v3 FP2
  101. dont have pc,help hacking
  102. Patch : FileManager Disable By Billoo
  103. Removing 'Stuck' Applications S60v3
  104. Some Tips S60v3 Cellphone
  105. Patch: Change The Path Of Avkon2.mif
  106. c2z v1.1 By Wadowice
  107. Developer certificate problems
  108. Nokia Secret Codes
  109. How To Disable Camera Shutter Sound
  110. How To Generate JAD From JAR File
  111. How To Resize A Java Game
  112. Nokia Helpful Hints
  113. A List Of Tricks To Keep Your Phone Battery Running Longer
  114. JarRenewal - Upgrade Your Old Java Applications
  115. Detecting What Is Drying Up The Battery
  116. Remove camera sound
  117. Patch : Restore File Manager With Allfile Caps By Segalgx
  118. YouTube v2.17 Mod By nfxcr3w
  119. Patch : BigIcons 0.1 Only For N96 12.043
  120. [Patch] Don't Reply SMS Patch By Billoo
  121. [patch] Phonebook Lock By Billoo
  122. Menu Hide With Error By Billoo [Patch]
  123. Request Developer Certificate For SymbianOS Here
  124. [Hacked InnoV8 Only] Installing Nokia Maps!
  125. Openall Patch (Read & Write Access To Every Folder)
  126. Increase Phone Memorey Free Ram Usage On FP1 & FP2 Mobile
  127. [Python] BigIcons S60v3 Patch Generator By CODeRUS
  128. [Patch] Increase Camera Inactivity Time By CODeRUS
  129. Remove WLAN Scanning FP2 (Finally A Clear FP2 Standby)
  130. Install Error Messages Means In S60v3 S60v5
  131. [Mod] Lock Image Changed By Billoo
  132. [Mod] Media Player View By Billoo
  133. 25 Running Application Indicator Icons By Billoo
  134. Java Midlet Permissions Hack Patch By Segalx
  135. How To Download Developer Certificate From OPDA
  136. Check Ur IMEIs Included In Ur Developer Certificate Or Not
  138. New How To Get Developer Certificate From Imobile For Symbian Operating System
  139. Cache Remover v1.00 when used internet
  140. (Patch) Allow Rename And Remove Folders By Wadowice
  141. Add Extra Clipart To N95's Image Editor
  142. Build Your Own Certificate Yourself And Sign Symbian Application
  143. Sign Your Sis File !! - For Those Not Have Dveloper Certificate
  144. Rompatcher's icons modify iPhone Style by Nima79
  145. Patch Refuse SIS & JAR Installation
  146. Patch Landscape Screen For 5800
  147. Better Camera Photos With 5800 XM !!
  148. [Patch] Block GPRS S60v3
  149. hot Reset lifetimer For Nokia N5800 XM / Nokia N97
  150. !?!? Symbian 60 Tutorials/Tricks/Tips/Etc..?!?!
  151. Handy Tips
  152. Internet on N73 via Bluetooth ::.
  153. Changing Fonts NOKIA
  154. Repairing A Corruptted MMC
  155. Installation Error messages
  156. ALL nokia BB5((Nokia New Models) Security code or lock codes 100% Update!!!
  157. Reset Lifetimer Of Nokia S60v3 S60v5
  158. Patch : Alwase Screen Light ON & OFF
  159. (patch)profile disable
  160. disable calender
  161. (patch) disable smsviewer with out disable massaging
  162. [Patch] Icon & Text Disappear S60v3
  163. Disable/Off Camera Sound S60v3 S60v5
  164. Patch : Closed Content List Off By Segalgx
  165. How To Hard Reset Or Format On Bootup S60v3 S60v5 5800/N97
  166. New Patches For Rom Patcher!!
  167. Hack Newest Firmwares N97, 5730, E75, N86 Etc
  168. How To Get A Symbian Certificate (DevCert) New Site
  169. SetMeFree v1.00 - Easiest Hacking New Firmware
  170. Remove fonts from any mobile even from phones which have hdd in their mobiles >allanm<
  171. Nokia 5800XM Menu Refined
  172. ((Rompatcher)) : Change Icon - Musical - Album Without C2Z
  173. The Complete Guide Create Patches For ROMpatcher
  174. rmp FILES 4 n73me
  175. StandBy Icons Vertical + At The End S60v3
  176. S60 Certificate Extractor v1.0
  177. RomPatcher For Nokia N97 With Auto Start
  178. SymbianOS9.x File System
  179. Youtube App In Video Menu N97 By biggzy
  180. Multimedia Menu Launcher For N86
  181. Patch Fully Disabled Red LED In S60v3 FP2
  182. Change Open Application Icon In N97 Menu by Biggzy
  183. N97 Startup Tone For All S60v3 Devices
  184. Trick To Avoid Other Steal Your File From Ur Mobile
  185. 2 NEW rmp file 4 n73me
  186. @patch@*Enable Hidden Menus,
  187. Get S60v3 S60v5 Developer Certificate From S60certkey.com
  188. MusicPlayer Picture Mods
  189. Use OPERA8.56 after trial peri..
  190. Theme FX For N97 MIXED GRILL / 5800FX
  191. Tutorial Modification Of UCWEB Default Proxy With Sisware And Hex Editor
  192. NOKIA 5800xm (INDIAN) Preloaded 209 Songs Activation
  193. Increase Startup Volume Of S60v3 S60v5 Phones
  194. [Patch] C2Z For N97 v12
  195. USEFUL & EASY TIPS TO - Format Your Nokia Phones or N73 / N70 Phones
  196. Change N97 Cache Directory From C To E
  197. Samsung OMNIA HD - Full Hack + Full Kastor Transitions Enabling
  198. [Patch] Expansion Or Replace Standard Symbol Table
  199. BETA : RomPatcher 0.8 Plus
  200. Delete "Cache" Browser Forever
  201. Trick Delete File _PAlbTN Forefer
  202. Free Java Games and Applications Resizer For Nokia S60 Platform!
  203. (FIXED) BETA : RomPatcher 0.8 Plus (0.9)
  204. Patch : Accelerate the Typing
  205. Opera 8.65 continuous evaluation trick no 0 days expirery message
  206. RomPatcherPlus v0.90.600 Test Version By Il.Socio
  207. RomPatcher+ v2.0 (Final Version)
  208. RomPatcher+ v2.00 (S60v3-v5)- iPhoniZ By Nima79
  209. Patch : Disable Browser, Menu, Gallery, Messaging, Notes, Musicplayer, FileManager, Browser More
  210. Download Any File Using S60 Browser [Not Good Yet]
  211. Request Symbian OS Developer Certificate Here
  212. Patch: Fp2 : Add 7 Laguage In Write
  213. RomPatcherPlus 2.0.200 BETA
  214. FM recording!...
  215. Change What Active Standby Shows S60v3 Pre-FP1
  216. C2Z Patch Generator 1.01 + P.I.P.S Libraries
  217. The best video converter for any phone & for any screen resolution
  218. How i mod a jar file
  219. Symbian RomPatcher + v2.2 (Final Version)
  220. Increase Camera Quality [Photo = 2MB] PaTch Packed ArabPDA S60V3V5
  221. Patch : NoBlankPassword 1.0 by "Wadowice"
  222. Patch : TimeoutGlobalNotes 1.0 by wadowice
  223. Fix : 5630XM FW 11.20 Music Player [C2z Needed]
  224. Patch : Disable Patch For Bluetooth
  225. [PATCH] Shutdown Animation By Darkion
  226. Rompatcher Patch: ChangeCamaraSound to No Sound
  227. Few patches won't work - n97
  228. Rompatcher patch: 6120c Pencil maped to camara key
  229. USB Disable + Disable Notification By Billoo
  230. Multimedia Menu Disable By Billoo
  231. Patch : Disable SMS Viewer Without Disable Messaging By Esiise
  232. Patch : Menu Hide Patch by Billoo
  233. Patch : Profile Disable By Esiise
  234. Double Startup Sounds txt file mod
  235. *#0000# changer
  236. 13 Extras Folder Icons In HD!
  237. Fully crack s60v3 fp2 os9.3 instalserver.exe ?
  238. Patch: NoHidePassword By Wadowice
  239. C2Z Mobile Patch Generator 1.01
  240. PATH -Fake Camera app by Billoo
  241. Lock Up Your Network UI Application By Billoo And Mindvision
  242. Hack your N78 FW v30.011.051.1
  243. c2z patch only for 2 specific dirs?
  244. Patch : Extend Alarm Time By CODerus (Fixed By Segalgx)
  245. (Paths)to change startup sound fr hacked mobile by emadrallah
  246. 30 Default + Extra Touch Menu-Style Folders (need MenuEditor)
  247. 100% working n tested Hack E71 FW300 FOREVER (And other FP1)
  248. INDEX Of Tutorials & Explanations (Updated 30.12.2009)
  249. Landscape Ur Nokia 5800XM Screen
  250. Patch: NoMenuShowOpenApps v1.0 by wadowice - FP2