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  1. WOW:-.::Nokia N8 installserver Hacked CFW::.--
  2. HACKED! installserver Mod for S^3 RELEASE!
  3. PNHT Hacked N8 UDA with FileBrowser and Camera Mods
  4. Hack Your Nokia N8
  5. Nokia N8 Features an Inbuilt WebDav Client for Mapping Network Drives
  6. Hack Your C-7 (RM-675)
  7. NokiaCooker BETA v0.9 - Cooked Fw for 3rd / 5th / Symbian^3
  8. World?s first N8 modified CFW (not only hack) is here!
  9. [How to] Change N8 language pack without changing product code
  10. Symbian^3 - Tips & Tricks
  11. How to hack C7-00
  12. [How to] Change fonts in Nokia N8
  13. S^3 Modding by CODeRUS
  14. NaviFirm+ 0.7 Tool For Obtaining Firmware, Product Codes & More
  15. N8 CODeRUS CFWv2 v11.12
  16. *H2O* A Full featured custom firmware for the N8! *New Mods Included* (5/12/2010)
  17. HyperX Camera mod uninstall????
  18. Problem in Hacking my N8 :(
  19. No Camera Sound for Symbian^3
  20. No Camera Sound for Symbian^3 Unsigned
  21. HELP!! C7 dead after using phoenix....
  22. Problem after hack
  23. How to easily add languages to Swype
  24. Simlock C7
  25. ***[N8] H2O Mods Pack! Autofocus etc.** **Use H2O Mods without flashing H2O CFW!** :)
  26. help to add more writing language
  27. New Nokia N8 Camera Mod
  28. Support n8 to watch a movie without hands....
  29. Spoofing IMEI
  30. New N8 Multiple Mods (No Hacked N8 needed)
  31. RomPatcher v2.5 S60v3 S60v5 S^3 SymbianOS9x Unsigned
  32. NokiaCooker BETA v1.0 - Cooked Fw for 3rd / 5th / Symbian^3
  33. NEW N8 Multiple Mods v2.00 Released (No HACKED N8 needed)
  34. Iphone screen saver for Nokia N8
  35. Tutorial: How to Hack Your Nokia C7-00 Firmware 012.003 Using Phoenix Software
  36. ovi store trouble after a N8 hard reset
  37. -= HOT : Pot Sign Tools v1.87 By OPDA Team -2011 =-
  38. N8 Multiple Mods v3.30
  39. BIG problems with Symbian ^3
  40. plz help for nokia e66
  41. Nokia N8 and Exposure time
  42. downgrade C7 from 12.004 to 12.003 ??
  43. Question? Music artwork Dir.
  44. new network mod, need help please
  45. Change firmware from network rom to nokia oficial rom
  46. How to add language in firmware file!?
  47. Please helllllllllllllllllllllllp! Nokia c5 recording beep not going
  48. Please help n97 flashing problem!!!
  49. Nokia Battery monitor V1.2 - problem after reset ?
  50. Nokia n8 v13.15 firmware
  51. Nokia care suite now available
  52. no firmware for C7 v.12.004
  53. Help with Hellos...get stucks at installing root cert
  54. N8 after hard reset
  55. Hacking of C7
  56. Question on - N8-00 Device software 013.016
  57. Nokia N8 Firmware 013.016 Changelog
  58. N8 v13.016 after flas lost mass storage
  59. help plzzzzzz!
  60. How to Restore Nokia N8 to Default State
  61. how to hack c6-01
  62. i need to know how to move files to Z drive on N97
  63. Hacking?
  64. Nokia c5
  65. Nokia c5
  66. Hacking Nokia C7
  67. How to hack nokia e5
  68. Reset Cert count
  69. how to hack E63 V 501.21.001, RM-437
  70. How to hack E5
  71. ANDROID software on SYMBIAN Phones!!!!
  72. Get ur Application back after reset ur n8 or reinstalled or update ur firmware
  73. Help me to hack my satio
  74. Symbian ^3 SMS Bug and It's Fix By Joel
  75. Please How to downgrade Pr2 to pr1.2 Nokia C7
  76. S^3 Guide Make Home Screen with 6 Pages
  77. How to install unsigned application on N8
  78. Nokia n8 edit equalizer
  79. helppppp plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  80. Can someone modd 162by2 for Symbain OS 3
  81. hack e71
  82. N8 Fm Transmitter Boost
  83. HACK C7-N8-E7 without FW or UDA or Phoenix etc
  84. New N8 Hack Method - Created by CODeRUS
  85. New N8 Hack Method - Created by CODeRUS
  86. permanently Change the home Scree
  87. Themes Launcher Mod S^3
  88. How to change the subtite encoding ?
  89. C7 14.002 without uda file? Unhackable?
  90. theme effect not work in my Nokia E75
  91. NokiaCooker BETA v1.1 - Cooked Fw for 3rd / 5th / Symbian^3
  92. battery saving cautions for n8
  93. Menu 4 x 4 Icons On S^3 Device By Coderus
  94. mkv player to nokia n8 help!!!!!
  95. No complete noob hacking guide
  96. (video tutorial) crack Fingertip Access Ultimate Voice Recorder
  97. (video tutorial) crack Killer Mobile Total Recall
  98. (video tutorial) S60 3rd Application Cracking With IDA Remote Debuger
  99. helppppppp
  100. hack ur mobile without flashing!!!!
  101. help me....
  102. nokia 5250 helloox hanging
  103. Just HackIt! v1.1 Automatic Hack App by CODeRUS-WithOut Flashing
  104. HelloOX2 v2.10 Unsigned version Symbian S60 3rd(FP1, FP2), 5th and Symbian^3
  105. Menu Mod 4 X 5 Icons S60v5 And S^3 Devices
  106. [help] baidu to s^3
  107. RomPatcher3 per Symbian^3
  108. JuzHackIt!! Hack Any S60v3,S60v5,S^3 with one click!!
  109. RomPatcherPlus 3.0 S60v3 S60v5 S^3 Unsigned
  110. HelloOX2 v2.11 released!12th Jun 2011 - RP+ 3.0 for S^3, Symbian Anna included
  111. Patch : no beep tone N8 C7 and C6.01
  112. red light patch for nokia n8 camera
  113. can i set N8 camera exposure time?
  114. About new DevCert issued since 23/June
  115. How can i free memeory from drive C in Nokia C7?
  116. Request || How To Hack Nokia C7
  117. Desktop Notes Mod By Simograndi
  118. Symbian anna for Nokia N8 and hacked by HelloOS2
  119. ROMPatcher+ v3.1 S60v3 S^1 S^3
  120. No vibration by lock/unlock & no Menu button light Mod N8
  121. Hacking Symbian WITHOUT CERTIFICATE
  122. Forgot n8 security code?? use NSS to reset it!!
  123. Locked landscape display
  124. Symbian Flashing Tutorial/Request Hacked UDA for Nokia
  125. nokia cooker doesnt work
  126. S^3 mods v7.00 by SklChan
  127. is there a way to delete protected apps?
  128. S ^ 3 MenuSwitch switch from 3x4 to 4x4 - 4x5 - 4x6 - 5x6 with a click
  129. Nokia Data Package Manager(Nokia Firmware Downloader)
  130. FullScreen Swipe Menu v2 Mod for Symbian^3
  131. Download Leaked Symbian Fine FW N8-not recommended
  132. Symbian Anna Released for S^3 mobiles...!!!!!
  133. [patch] Remove Recording Tone for Symbian Belle by CODeRUS
  134. Symbian Belle On N8!
  135. downgrade symbian belle to older symbian
  136. Warranty vs Phoenix
  137. Mod Disable Active Diverts Note for S^3 by CODeRUS
  138. Remove Open Applications Menu for Symbian Anna
  139. UDA hacking symbian anna
  140. How to remove pre-installed apps from symbian anna?
  141. Help!!!
  142. Java Permissions Mod S^3 S Anna
  143. flashing firmware sigapore version to UK version
  144. C2Z for ^3
  145. Change default donload location?
  146. How to change to default font and starting screen for Nokia N8?
  147. Change Fonts on a Symbian Anna (Tested on Nokia N8)
  148. Re-enable FM Transmitter for Hong Kong Version Symbian Anna phones (Tested on N8-00)
  149. [Request] Pls Upload These Files from Symbian Belle !!
  150. [SymbianBelle] CODeRUS CFW for N8
  151. [MOD] Change Anna Boot Screen with Symbian Belle (working now)
  152. How to make own certificate.
  153. Symbian Belle for Nokia N8 v111.020.0203
  154. C7 Anna RM-675 Inspire CFW v3.0 (Advanced) for v24.1 by Zeeshu007 [06-09-11]
  155. (Theme Effects) New Effects for S^3 Anna only
  156. Xtreme Menu for Symbian Belle with Multiple Icon folders
  157. Symbian Anna and Java
  158. Super Hot! Symbian Hacked again! DrWeb AV security hole. By Coderus
  159. Effects for S^3 BELLE! + How To make own effects
  160. urgent request please
  161. NVT N8 CAMERA MOD 3.1 Jpeg @ 100,95,90,Mixed;HD,nHD CAF, Zoom, StartupAnim
  162. Permanent Hacking, is it possible?
  163. can software update be applied to hacked nokia e7 ??
  164. Symbian hack via UMU Mobile Security by CODeRUS - Vivaz too!
  165. Tutorial : How to use Fonts other then default in Belle ...
  166. Need help to unlock Nokia E6 (Running Symbian Anna) Security Lock Code
  167. Another Symbian hack! by bebooo43 Easiest Hack Ever No Need of PC
  168. Core Editor for S60v3,FP2\v5 Symbian^3 by doctorly [More writing lang++]
  169. Symbian ANNA Multiple Mods v1.00 Released! by sklchan (Hacked N8 Required! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!)
  170. Symbian Hacked...again! :D Norton Secutity by CODeRUS
  171. Ny1 hav ny idea!!?
  172. (Help)How to change message simily icon ?
  173. Symbian Belle for Nokia N8 v111.020.0203 Russian [06.10.11]
  174. Plz...HELP....How to Reset the Security Code for N8....
  175. Can I open mobile files (C7) without turning it on?
  176. how to unlock nokia phone security code through usb cable
  177. can't instal all file installer on C7
  178. N8 - PR3 - Delight Belle by nicesoni_ash - v3.6 updated on 06.12.2011 [More Languages]
  179. Tutorial : Use any font on Belle without flashing ..
  180. NokiaCooker v 2.1 & NaviFirm+ v 1.5
  181. Mod Disable Active Diverts Note for S^3 By CODeRUS
  182. A funny question, but informative for newbies
  183. To nokia n8 camera modders... Light trail shooting - shutter speed control.. Is it possible??
  184. Nokia N8 New Firmware 25.007 (India) - Hacked
  185. Symbian Belle FW111.030.0607 for Nokia N8 RM-596 by ivo777
  186. Slide Mania Theme Effects{UPDATE BELLE RELEASED UPDATE 3 ANNA RELEASED} by ..::allstar12345::..
  187. Latest Version of Symbian Belle Leaked for Nokia C7!
  188. Symbian Anna remove graphical smileys?
  189. Awesome 3D Effects for Symbian Belle
  190. Super Awesome Theme Effects for Belle by andrenlsbr
  191. slide mania theme effects by allstar12345: UPDATE 4 BELLE & ANNA RELEASED !!
  192. Ramisumi Presents-N8 - PR3 "DEV" FOR RM 596 ONLY BASED ON VER 111.030.0607 - CFW by STRATEGIST(03/12/2011)
  193. Nokia C7 - RM-675 - Unleashed Distro V4 (Belle) CFW [1st cfw for c7]
  194. [Patch] c2z4bin_THUMB for Belle
  195. (Patches) Belle 111.030.0609 working Rompatcher patches
  196. Godlike Theme Effects by djmy19881225
  197. Theme effects base package for Belle by ..::iExtraX7::..
  198. NavifirmEx v1.6.1 By Weitian Leung
  199. How to make Theme effects yourself [Effects files detailed]
  200. Awesome Theme Effects for S^3 by Jin Hao [Jin Hao Theme Effects V2]
  201. [Mod] Allow rename applications in Menu
  202. <Mod> Allow rename applications in Menu by iExtraX7
  203. How to Restore Connection Popup on Nokia N8 - Symbian Anna and Belle just like in PR 1
  204. I'll pay $$$$ to anyone who can fix this MMS size limit issue for me!
  205. how to install android on my c6-01
  206. How to change theme effect on belle?
  207. How to see ***** passeword email in my nokia n8 ?
  208. [MOD]menu key always red(for c7 & 701) by Debbuger
  209. Will hacking my S^3 phone using Norton/etc. void my warranty?
  210. hack e52
  211. Nokia S3 Belle HS widget pack by Taylor 111.030.0609
  212. [mod] Big analog skin
  213. Ramisumi Proudly Presents N8 - PR3 "DEV" FOR RM 596 BASED ON VER 111.030.0609(25-12-2011) - CFW by STRATEGIST
  214. (Help) MutliBooting / Andorid on N8?
  215. A total beginner asking for guidance. :)
  216. [TRICK] Disable red light during record video on N8
  217. (MOD) New v1.7 - Extend Menu Grid on Symbian Belle
  218. ******help me to flash my c7***********URGENT********************
  219. Floral Digital clock with different font colour(blue/green/yellow/red) for Belle
  220. 15 NEW homescreen effects by allstar12345
  221. any media palyer supporting subs
  222. ****how to unlock 3g services****
  223. Nokia N8 RM-596 CFW- Nokia DEV-Evolve final 609
  224. STRATEGIST AIO Mods for Nokia Belle - all u need to create a CFW for N8
  225. Urgent Help Needed. Restoring/Change security code on N8 to default(12345).
  226. New Official BELLE cant play flv format videos......Need Help.....
  227. help! connecting wlan say "Connection failed. Access denied" in belle
  228. Need Patch
  229. (Theme Effects) Smooth effects for S^3 Belle by jlmvc
  230. NokiaN8-RM596 CFW- DEV-FREEDOM Reprise - Basic & Enhanced All Lang by STRATEGIST(26-02-2012)
  231. n8 theme effects hack help
  232. Mods for nokia n8 images and videos
  233. Modded Nokia Sleeping Screen by me.
  234. Phone as CD-ROM
  235. Max Battery Life Mod v4.0 by ivo777
  236. Hard resert vivaz pro without security code
  237. Question: Any way to change SMS conversations looks? Belle
  238. [MOD] Gallery Widget for Non-FP1 Belle Phones By erorcun
  239. Call Waiting tone!!!
  240. Nokia N8 Won't turn on or charge
  242. [Help Required] How To Modify The Predefined Home Cities
  243. Camera mute mod by Youhol.
  244. Unlimited Home Screens on Nokia Belle
  245. [Help!] Removing NFC files from Belle FW.
  246. More volume in loudspeaker By iExtraX7
  247. Sound improvement v3(for headphones) by iExtraX7
  248. Notification Widget - Belle
  249. [MOD] joshlog base mif patch - load mif files that stored on Z from drive E
  250. Nokia N8 - DEV PULSE = 3 CFWs for your needs (609 official, Leaks 704 & 904)