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Thread: How to get Gameloft Game's ID

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    full How to get Gameloft Game's ID

    As most of us know, Gameloft games require a miracle to download in one single go. I believe what happens is that the app (somehow) disables the wi-fi, causing the download to stop. This bug is not OS or Brand specific, which is why I am posting it here.
    (Yes, I read other posts, but they were device specific, so this will cover ALL devices)

    Okay, NOW onto the good stuff.
    Follow these steps:

    1. Start GLZip, Select "View links in apk", choose the Gameloft APK, get
    download link.

    2. Complete the link by ending it with "?model=(Phone Model)&device=(Phone
    Model)&product=(Product ID)&version=(APK Version)" without quotations.
    -Replace "(Phone Model)" with phone's model number, e.g. (Phone Model)->MT15i
    -Replace "(Product ID)" with the app's product ID. Get the ID by going to the
    Gameloft Website, finding the game, right- clicking the picture, choose "Inspect
    Element"(Google Chrome)/"Properties"(Internet Explorer).

    Many lines of code will appear. Find the line that starts with "media01"

    Internet Explorer:
    The http link will show in the properties
    Somewhere along the line is a 4-digit number. That is the product ID. e.g. NOVA3 is 1224.
    -Replace "(APK Version)" with the apk version. After installed, go to the app info,
    and you can see the version.

    3. Paste the link into a downloader (BitComet, uTorrent, FreeDownloadManager,
    etc.) and start the download.

    4. Wait for it to finish, then through GLZip, select select unpack. Choose the file
    that was downloaded. Three options will appear. Choose based on your
    phone's GPU, e.g. PVRT for PowerVR, ATC for Adreno, and DXT for Tegra.

    5. Unpack it, then the SD files copy to the folder within your SDCard.

    All done!

    For reference, here is a list of Gameloft App IDs

    9mm: 1245
    Asphalt 5: 953
    Asphalt 6: 1388
    AC Altair's Chronicles: 1050
    Backstab: 1235
    Block Breaker Free+: 1379
    Block Breaker Unlimited: 1302
    Bro In Arms 2 Free+: 1313
    Bro In Arms 2: 1128
    Dungeon Hunter: 1051
    Dungeon Hunter 2: 1196
    Dungeon Hunter 3: 1202
    Eternal Legacy: 1198
    Fantasy Town: 1242
    Fashion Icon: 1279
    Fast Five: 1195
    Fishing Kings: 1109
    GT Racing Free+: 1213
    GT Racing (Paid): 1069
    Gameloft LIVE!: 1308
    Gangstar Rio: 1273
    Gangstar Miami: 1148
    Gangstar: 1049
    Green Farm: 1304
    Hero of Sparta: 1052
    Ice Age: 1390
    James' Avatar: 1081
    Let's Golf: 1043
    Let's Golf 2: 1068
    Let's Golf 3: 1303
    Men in Black 3: 1328
    Modern Combat: 1044
    Modern Combat 2: 1147
    Modern Combat 3: 1275
    NOVA: 1045
    NOVA 2: 1197
    NOVA 3: 1224
    Order & Chaos: 1256
    RS 2011: 1309
    RS 2012: 1399
    Sacred Odyssey: 1187
    Shadow Guardian: 1218
    Shark Dash: 1373
    Shrek Kart: 1141
    Six Guns: 1226
    Spiderman TM: 1142
    Starfront: 1188
    Tintin: 1358
    Oredon Trail: 1395
    Oregon Trail AS: 1266
    The Settlers: 1145
    HAWX: 1053
    Splinter Cell: 1096
    Rainbow 6: 1189
    UNO: 1402
    UNO HD: 1048
    Where's Waldo: 1336

    Enjoy your games!

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    Root your Android Phone

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    Re: How to get Gameloft Game's ID

    after step 1.
    where the step 2 to be done?
    may you give the tutorial with pictures?

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    Re: How to get Gameloft Game's ID

    GAME ID for Modern Combat 4 : Zero Hour please


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