Hello everyone.
Since January 6 2014, I found that I can't open the sites beginning with "https" except Facebook's mobile page.
2 examples are https://www.kotsovolos.gr/site/login.jsp where I get the error message "Web: Unable to creat a secure connection to this server" and https://www.sendspace.com/ where I get "Web: Unable to perform operation".
These messages appear on the older phones/browser versions like N86 and N96. On newer ones like E52 an error page is displade.
All these sites as I learned from others work normally on the iphone and Android devices.
I would just try Opera or Opera mini, as most of you would do, but it's not accessible with the screen reading apps (Talks and Mobile speak)!
According to http://gigaom.com/2013/01/10/nokia-y...orry-about-it/ , Nokia decripts the information from https sites for the Symbiann S40 platform. May be is applied for S60 phones to.
This may be exist since the 1st of January 2014 once the support for Symbian has ended... Before it was working normally.
I tried some free public proxy servers by changing that setting but the problem remains!
Do you know where is that server address Nokia uses to decript the https data stored? (probably in a file) to try removing it or changing it to something els?
Would this be solved if we could find a newer set of SSL certificates somewhere and install them to the phone?