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Thread: Global Rules Of ★★All Members Must Read★★

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    Global Rules Of ★★All Members Must Read★★

    To avoid having your account banned or your thread deleted, Please maintain the following rules Here is

    • 1* Before posting any file you must use the search function of the forum you want to post in to check if the application / game already exists this also applies with questions as they may have been answered many times before.
    • 2* All articles must be in English only!
    • 3* All posts should have a screenshot / thumbnail. Screenshots / Thumbnails must be Uploaded to an external image hosting site.
    • 4* If you are posting apps and games title must include the name of the application, version number, For Android Sections - the Title Must Be The Same With The Google Play Store, and the language if not English in thread title. All other information can be added in post message. Posting 18+ games or apps etc... Must have [18+] in title and post message.
    • 5* A Short Description must be included in a new thread for applications & games. Do not post everything in CAPITAL LETTERS it is considered shouting and rude. if you are posting apk in android section add requirement and more info as developer website or market location of that apk.
    • 6* Do not post demo / trial (which expire in xx days) or (trial games 1 stage ask for register etc) .. (Usage restriction stuff allow like 3 sec waiting before starts) versions.
    • 7* For file download use file hosting website when you are posting apps and games etc... Linking to market site for download not allow. Direct Links are FORBIDDEN
      Download links are NOT allow to be directing our members to another mobile sites.
    • 8* At Android Forum you must show in More Info: link to Google Play Store or Amazon Store or Samsung Store, whichever is applicable. If More Info: is not available, add "N/A" or Not Applicable or "Not Available". NO Blogs/Forums links allow in More Info link! Anyone fail to do so will be banned.
    • 9* All posts should be in there suitable forum Category.
    • 10* Do not quote whole posts (when reply in thread), edit the quoted post to give the relevant information only. Do not! just click quote and post the whole post again. This will be deleted and an infraction given (subject to moderator/admins decision).
    • 11* MobilePhoneTalk does not support advertisement of other forums/blogs in screenshots or avatars and signature area (subject to the decision of the site Administrators And Moderator Stuff). Do not Post Links to other sites that are similar to MobilePhoneTalk. Always Make sure the files that You upload or give links too do not Contain any outside link to another forum / site. Also Posts and Comments must not divert the users away from MobilePhoneTalk. Good and reputable member can advertise their blog in signature or in link.
    • 12* No adult / explicit / objectionable material is allowed. The forum is intended for a wide age group from children to adults of all ages, any content including applications / games / pictures or links to pictures or links to sites with content that is rated R or X rated is forbidden. NO PORN SCREENSHOTS! Anything that is considered overly sexual will be determined by the staff off MobilePhoneTalk.
    • 13* Do not post if you can't follow the rules of MobilePhoneTalk Braking the rules Continuously will result in being banned from posting and possibly MobilePhoneTalk.
    • 14* Mind your manners in the forums, Swearing including disguised swearing is strictly forbidden! and will not be tolerated. Posts with these infractions will be edited & possibly deleted and a warning / infraction and possibly a ban given to that member. Any member is subject to this rule!.
    • 15* Respect all users and their views when posting or commenting.

    Posting of URL shortening, Adf. ly links,, Linkbucks links, adfoc links,,,, linkshrink links, link, plus others are forbidden. You will be ban if you post those shortening spamming URL links.
    A Warning / Infraction and possibly a ban be given to that member.

    Forum disclaimer
    This site is Primarily for Mobile phone devices, repairing, app modifying, sorting out problems with them, etc. Here you can find many interesting things, some of which may possibly damage your phone if done incorrectly or even at all! The MobilePhoneTalk members & staff and this site do not take any responsibility for the way you use the information provided here, you use it at your own discretion. However we will obviously always try our best to give safe guides and fixes, and we will usually have tested them ourselves. We do not take any responsibility for any malfunction to your phone after following any of the instructions on this site.
    The Webmaster, administrator's and moderator's of this forum have the right to remove, edit, move or close & delete any topic at any time, should they see fit. As a user you agree to any confidential information that you enter being stored in a database. Whilst this information will not be disclosed to any third party without your prior consent, the Webmaster, administrator's and moderator's cannot be held responsible for any hacking attempt that may lead to the data being compromised. we don't track your ip

    This text is subject to change at any time.

    MobilePhoneTalk.Com Team
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    Guys Don't Just Download. To Help Other Members Please Post One Comment Working Or Not [Details About That Problem]. Remember We Are Community We Meet Here To Share Our Mobile Related Knowledge Thanks.

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