To start with I wish to say that I am NOT any sort of expert or coder, just a guy who enjoys tinkering a bit - and I have discovered how useful and how much fun some of the cheaper Android devices can be.

I have had some really good experiences with several low-end LG devices and a Nexus 7 tablet that a friend gave me.

For me - an older man with old eyes to match - the tiny screened phones are hard to see and the tablet only works if it stays still on the desktop in its cradle because it got pretty beat up by its (former, teenage) user.

So I had been hoping for a bigger screened phone type of thing for my various uses...and:
Recently a chain store had an Alcatel One Touch Pixi Pulsar A460G (TCL) from tracfone on sale for a great price.

It has a nice 4" screen, Android Kitkat (4.4.2) and better specs than my LG L34C - so I got it.

CPU-Z showed it as a dual core 1.3GHz Mediatek MT6582.

Searched extensively for rooting help using variations of "Alcatel One Touch Pixi Pulsar A460G" and the closest info I found was at the forum at - though nothing from there worked anyhow.

It DID actually seem to root with Kingo Root - but only temporarily and its Superuser didn't work very well at all.

Eventually I tried every method I could find anywhere - a truly extensive number of them - and nothing worked.

I really wanted to root the phone and wasted a huge amount of time trying to get it done.

It seems most likely from what others have posted that this phone has its bootloader locked by tracfone, and that maybe that is what stops it from getting rooted - but I really just do not know enough to be sure.

I literally wasted days trying to get past all the restrictions on this phone.
After all that I totally gave up on it and found a good use for it as a pretty MP3 player & alarm clock.

There are 2 major things which seem apparent to me from this experience=>
1 - Tracfone found some way to make it impossible to root this phone - or at least so difficult as not to be worth it;
2 - Kitkat is just plain nasty because of all the excessive restrictions it has.

Oddly enough I later managed to get most everything I desired in another inexpensive phone;
An Alcatel C1 AT&T Gophone.
It rooted in about a minute, took my CC sim card and instantly connected to my home Wifi.

My own conclusions from all this:
- Avoid Tracfone...they and their products are just evil;
- Avoid Kitkat whenever possible or be prepared to fight it for any decent use a'tall.

If anyone has any 'secrets' to share that help in either making Kitkat behave normally or rooting the unrootable, I would love to learn more...

Thanks for taking the time to read my posting.