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Thread: [PC Application] ClashBot VIP Premium

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    full [PC Application] ClashBot VIP Premium

    ClashBot VIP Premium

    Requirements: Windows 7/8/10 x86/x64

    Hi everyone

    Well I just joined the family I wish I can provide good apps and games and sometimes some premium accounts for free

    Unfortunately right now I don't have any account in upload centers so I just upload to some public upload centers now hope you guys like them

    Let's cut it short I'm going to share latest cracked Clash Bot

    Premium Features:

    – Wall upgrading
    – Buildings upgrading
    – King auto activating ability
    – Queen auto activating ability
    – Change deploy speeds of the troops
    – Change wave speeds of the troops
    – TownHall sniping
    – Boosting barracks / spell factory / king / queen / dark barracks
    – Smart lighting spell for dark storage
    – Set cast lighting spell for dark storage
    – Attack near red lines
    – Pushbullet system with all its features!

    Whats Clash Bot?

    HTML Code:
    Notes: you'll need latest
    2.Windows updates internet connection

    Download links

    1. CLASH bot

    * uploadboy :

    2.bluestackes most stable version

    * uploadboy :

    3. Required updates :

    * Uploadboy :

    Important note

    * if the app wanted any username or password use
    RoyalBandit , androidget

    * to enable auto attacker

    Tick autostop module :-)

    Hope u enjoyed farming in COC using this bot :-) take care spike your hair
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    Re: [PC Application] ClashBot VIP Premium

    Thankyou for sharing. I have fixed your title and added Requirements in your thread,
    in future you need to do that yourself, RoyalBandit

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