Uret Patcher v1.5

Requirements: Android 4.0+| ROOT | Xposed framework (Optional)

Uret Patcher Is Patching Tool Intended To Work Only On Those Apps It Is Suppose To Work,It Is Not A Universal Tool For All Apps.

Uret Patcher Is Coded By Jasi2169 And All The Patches Are Belonged To And Managed By Jasi2169 Itself,This Tool Doesn't Breaks Any Copyrights Of The Apps As It Makes Changes To Files In Android Which Is OPEN SOURCE And Does Not Modify Any Application APKs Installed So It Is Totally LEGAL!!
PS You Gotta Install The App Yourself,This Tool Does Not Provide You APKs ie. Setups Or Links To PAID Apps Or Apps Which It Includes Patches For,You Gotta Find The Unmodified Or Untouched APKs Of App Yourself!!

As Always You Should Always BUY The App You LIKE And USE Regularly And SUPPORT The DEVELOPMENT!!

Patcher Only Includes Patches For HARD Apps Or Popular Apps,So Don't Bother Me For Apps Which Are Either Cheap Or Easily Crackable.

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Patcher Has Seven Types Of Patches.

1. Code Patch (Xposed Not Required) :- This Patch Code Of The App,When You Update The App Then Before Updating 'Unpatch' The App Otherwise You Will Get Not Installed Error,After Installing You Have To Patch It Again. (Need To Patch Again ie. On Updates).

2. Dalvik Patch (Xposed Not Required) :- This Patch Cache Of The App,But You Can Update Easily No Need To Unpatch First But Reinstalling Or Updating Will Remove The Patch So You Have To Patch It Again. (Need To Patch Again ie. On Updates).

3. License Patch (Xposed Is Required) :- (Run The Application At least Once Before Patching) This Patch Google License And InApp Implementation And System Is Hooked,App Will Take Fake Data As 'LEGIT' Data Like Response From Google Servers.It Is Very Effective,Butt Hurt For App Developers. (No Need To Patch Again ie. On Updates [Only Patch One Time]).

4. Native Patch (Xposed Not Required) :- It Patches Native Codes,Basically For Games. (Need To Patch Again ie. On Updates).

5. Save Patch (Xposed Not Required) :- (Run The Application At least Once Before Patching) It Makes Changes In Data. (No Need To Patch Again ie. On Updates [Only Patch One Time]).

6. Hook Patch (Xposed Is Required) :- It Hooks Application Dynamically Makes Changes In It,Again Pain In The ASS For App Developers. (No Need To Patch Again ie. On Updates [Only Patch One Time]).

7. Module Patch (Xposed Not Required) :- Fix System Checks,Some Apps Only Need This But Sometime Hard Protected Apps Need This Along With Other Patches. (Need To Patch Again ie. On Updates).

NOTE :- Patch Can Work On Updates Or Maynot Work On Updates But 'PATCH' Will Always Work On Version It Is Made For.

If Patcher Do Not Work Or Crashes For You Check Troubleshooting (Patcher > Menu > Troubleshooting) Follow It,If Still It Does Not Work Then Get Logs (Patcher > Menu > Dump Logs) And Send Me All Files On Email (Patcher > Menu > About > Email Me).

Changelogs :-
v1.5 (05/Nov/2016)
- Added Native Patch.
- Add Patch For Mini Militia ie. Native Patch.
- Rework Code Patch,Dalvik Patch For Lollipop And Up.
- Fix Arm64 Issues,If You Still Have Issues On Your 64Bit OS Like Patch Gone On Reboot Email Me.
- Make Patch Engine Compatible With Emulators ie. Tested On Genymotion.
- Rework Unpatching Of Code Patch.
- Now Try To Hook Itself Before Making License Patch To Other Apps,If Failed Try To Reboot Or Exit Patcher With Exit Option In Patcher Menu.
- Rework Taking Patching Logs,It Was Null Even If Data Found.
- Now Copies Settings In URET Folder For Better Troubleshoot.
- Show Install Status Of Apps On Main Screen Now.
- Added Russian Localization By carpenter"s_son@.
- Update Help And Troubleshooting For Hindi Language.
- Couple Of Changes In Xposed Module.
- A lot Of Small Changes Under the Hood.
- Two Patch Type Left To Code :- Hook,Save,After That New Apps Will Be Added.


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