I was wondering if there is an app available that can do all of these:

1. An inbuilt function to access YouTube from the internet, then directly download the videos as MP3 or MP4 files into a folder on the app

2. Able to import songs into the device via a cloud service, like ICloud, Dropbox or Drive (this is for videos that produce strange errors and fail to download directly)

3. Songs can be renamed and alphabetically organized in the main library of the app AND the playlists (meaning individual playlists also come equipped with alphabetical organization)

4. Is able to play in the background, and with the screen off as well

5. Able to backup library and playlists to a computer or internet storage when wifi is present (in case I lose the iPod)

I looked at iFile; it doesn't seem to have function (1) which I would find really convenient.

I also got Filza, but my issue was that 1) you couldn't organise songs in individual playlists by alphabetical order and 2) It sometimes loses connection to background transfer service

Any ideas?

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