KMod v2.5.0


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Hello everyone.

After a long time. I will launch the update of my module. You can customize the appearance of the latest versions WhatsApp, Store and Beta versions. (only WhatsApp official, NO mods).

This module will not focus on privacy at any time, because we could be in breach of the terms of WhatsApp, respect to manipulation the working of servers.

Requests of any kind will not be accepted. This is something I do as a hobby, so I will add the new features that I believe appropriate.


  • Independent customization of each section of the application.
  • You can change color backgrounds, fonts and icons.
  • New icons and ticks in diferences sections.
  • Personalized customization of different images of the application.
  • Hiding unwanted elements or of little use.
  • Direct access from inside the application to module.
  • Privacy options.


  • Xposed Framework
  • Android 4.0.3 or higher.
  • WhatsApp 2.16.352 or higher.


  1. Download the module and install.
  2. Activate it in Modules section of Xposed Installer, and reboot device.
  3. Open KMod and accept permisions of root.
  4. Make all the changes you want in Customization section.
  5. To see the changes made, click on the refresh icon, located to the top right.
  6. To save a theme, go to the Backup section, or click the save icon at the top of the application.
  7. To load an item, go to the Backup section, select the item you want to upload, and wait the message that the theme has been loaded.
  8. On Android 6.x, I recommend give permission to the application storage, from the application manager of your device.


- Version 2.5.0 (Stable version):


Change Log:

Version 2.5.0 (WhatsApp 2.16.352 or higher.):

New floating window interface for KMod.
Added BB SRB bubbles.
Added option to activate new interface Status of WhatsApp (Only for 2.16.353 or higher).
Added option to select the KMod language from within the Settings section.
Added Dutch language.
Added option to change the color of the KMod interface (Light, Dark, Blue).
Added option to hide the read messages (You will be able to see when they read the messages sent by you, but they will not be able to see when you read the messages that you receive).
Added option to deactivate delivery report (When you receive a message, it will not appear as received).
Fixed the problem, when the last connection was hidden, was always online.
Corrections for the latest Beta versions of Google Play.
Other corrections of errors.

Click here to see the log of previous version.


Looking for volunteers to translate the module into different languages, to publish in the next update.. Interested send me private messages.

Current language:
  • English
  • Bengali
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Hindi
  • Italian.
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Russian
  • Turkish