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Thread: For users who have problems with TomTom Go geting maps and voices

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    For users who have problems with TomTom Go geting maps and voices

    This problem is mainly for the Belgium users of this app. But others have reported the same problems

    Change your phone to English <----DO this first before you do anything

    See screen shot.

    Start TomTomGo now

    Now download the maps your need. <----DO THIS NEXT
    Then the UK voices or the US voices. <------DO THIS NEXT

    Next trun off TomTomGo.

    Then go back into your phone settings and switch to Dutch.

    See screen shot

    Now open TomTom Go

    You will get an error message about the Language

    Got to Menu

    Then to the bottom tap on the circle with the cogwheel in it.

    "Pick Stemmen" (for the dutch users)

    See screen shot

    Then "Kies een stem" (for the dutch users)

    see screen shot

    You should see Bernard (BE), Lucie (BE), Ellen (BE),

    Xander (NL), Bram (NL), Eva (NL)

    See screen shot

    Now if you look at the bottom of the screen you also have:

    "Alle stemmen" (for the dutch users) This will show all the voices that you can download.

    see screen shot

    You will get this menu of voices

    Some computer voices(TTS) and standard voices.

    Pick what you want and install them.

    Do hope this will help the Belgium users out and any others who have problems

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    Re: For users who have problems with TomTom Go geting maps and voices

    Very nice, thank you, bother
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