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Thread: Can't copy to SD card on Android 7 ?

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    Can't copy to SD card on Android 7 ?

    I have just install Android v7 on my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and I went to copy a file over to the SD Card and it said I had to grant acess to it like normal, it did on the Android 6.
    and when i went to the grant button (next screen) there was no where to change it I try X-plore File Manager and Solid Explorer both went the same way noting to change.
    but Myfiles File Manager work ok that was like Android v4.4.2 a long time a go is there any way to change this so I can copy to SD Card.

    Thanks for any Help on this one.

    Prob Fix now, I was using Package Disabler Pro (Samsung) that was Blocking SD Card from getting use.
    So this post can be deleted now Thanks.
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